20 Ocak 2020 Pazartesi



The dance of the masked people is a mystic unity of rhythm, sound, and color. They move in special rhythmic steps. They fill the air with the sounds of their bells and of whispered blessings for prosperity. The costumes cover most of the body and include decorated wooden masks of animals (sometimes double-faced) and large bells attached to the belt. The custom is spread all over the South and Central Europe - in Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Greece, Northern Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria - Link

17 Ekim 2019 Perşembe

28 Ağustos 2018 Salı

Sensing Machine n°3

Le M.U.R. is an important tradition in the street art scene in Paris and it’s strictly connected to the neighborhood in which it leaves and evolves. With the idea of a temporary intervention, we decided to realize something connected both to the idea of time and related in a direct way to the location. We then took a sort of photograph of the moment, recording a situation that disappeared in the same moment in which we looked at it and that’s now only recalled in its reflection. A living mirror stuck in the past, showing a reality outside, behind and within that’s changing quickly and whose change is related to what’s around it.Via

3 Temmuz 2018 Salı

Space Suit Collection

Students in the UAE and Saudi Arabia got a chance to design their space fashion collection as journey to space is the region’s next big thing. The Spacesuit Collection competition, was organised by Centrepoint, the Middle East’s biggest fashion store. It ran on the store’s website and social media channels and called on students from across the UAE and Saudi Arabia to submit designs for how they expected a space fashion collection to look in a not-too-distant decade. The two winning designs emerged from 35 designs shortlisted by the judges. The contest engaged more than 300 students from colleges and universities across the two countries.


High Performance Electric Off-Road Motorcycles

From the land of Sweden comes news of another electric off-road motorcycle manufacturer that goes by the name CAKE. Their first offering, the KALK, is what they describe being inspired by downhill mountain bikes and built entirely from scratch, “The ride is strongly influenced by DH and Enduro MTBs, in terms of geometry, suspension, stance, components and handling.” With a very unique look, the name KALK name stems from KALKsten, or limestone, which is the bedrock of the island of Gotland, Sweden. With a price tag of $14,000 the brand is now taking pre-orders on their first limited edition run of 50. https://ridecake.com/