30 Mart 2010 Salı

Magic Sakura

Well, it’s almost cherry blossom season. In about two weeks’ time the first sakura buds will start to bloom in the south of Japan. As the season makes its way north we can witness the requisite stampede of families, office workers and underage kids, all vying for the same patches of grass beneath cherry trees in urban parks. The paper tree stands at 13.5cm (5.3″) tall and looks rather bare until you add the included “magic water”. Then pink blossom starts to appear within a few hours, eventually covering the whole tree. I guess this is the equivalent of a mini Christmas tree for the Japanese! You can have your sakura experience at home or work, minus all the crowds and fuss. The Magic Sakura is priced 680 JPY ($7.5) and is available now inside Japan.

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