1 Mayıs 2010 Cumartesi

Silver Tears Campers

Based on the classic, handmade American teardrop campers from the middle of last century, Silver Tears Campers (From $17,000) bring this vintage design into the 21st century. Features include '32 Ford fenders, '39 Ford teardrop LED tail lights, a mahogany plywood and solid ash body, recessed interior lighting, hard maple countertops, leak-proof hinges, stainless steel ice box and ledge, a seven-gallon fresh water tank with an on-demand water pump, and options like a stainless propane stove, port-a-potty, and hot water shower system. Consider it the rustic alternative to that ultra-modern Airstream you've had your eye on. http://silvertearscampers.com/

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