8 Haziran 2010 Salı

L’Arc Paris Restaurant + Club

The L’Arc Paris Restaurant, Bar and Nightclub has become the place to be seen in Paris nightlife of late. This holy trinity of upscale entertainment has built its name with a focus on progressive interior design, an historic location and a focus on do-it-all service for those who desire a swank night-on-the-town. L’Arc Paris is located just across the street from the famed Arc de Triomph, the monument from which this establishment takes its name. While eating the culinary creations of chef Antony Germani, patrons have clear views of this important piece of Paris’ architectural history. Below, late night party goers enjoy the L’Arc Paris nightclub, an orgy of neon lighting, leather furniture and high-priced cocktails. The walls are adorned with artwork, portraits of famous American hip hop stars of the 1990s, from the then-named “Puff Daddy” to Tupac Shakur. http://larc-paris.com/

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