15 Temmuz 2010 Perşembe

Boattail Racer by Auditorium Toy Co.

A masterpiece of aesthetic form and function inspired by the slippery lines of early 20th century low-drag coachwork — designs formulated by the science of aerodynamics, yet strikingly gorgeous It’s not just a looker though – the Boattail Racer is handmade from materials that time cannot easily erode. The wooden bodywork is sculpted from rugged 13 ply Baltic birch. The muscular stance comes courtesy of the 77.5 millimeter carnelian-core industrial grade wheels, which float effortlessly on precision bearings. Solid stainless steel axles and fasteners ensure faithful service for generations to come.
Your Boattail Racer arrives protected by a custom archive box handcrafted from black-core 4 ply acid-free museum board. Provenance included. http://www.auditoriumtoyco.com/

Very few things can be dreamed into being, built by hand
and enjoyed for a lifetime. Our toys shine among them.

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