7 Temmuz 2010 Çarşamba

Tegolasolare - Solar Power System

The main feature of "Tegolasolare" is the perfect integration of the solar power system into the architecture of the building’s roof. The idea provides a link between past and future: with the aid of the latest photovoltaic solar power generation technologies, we have updated the concept of the roofing tile, with its proven stability assured by its simple but convenient mounting system, improving its composition and transforming it into a source of clean energy. Each "Tegolasolare" tile incorporates a portion of the overall solar power system, creating a completely integrated whole. From the outside, the roof looks exactly the same, ensuring the traditional visual impact, but it actually conceals a major technological innovation, that will allow the production of sustainable energy. Tegolasolare meets the ever-growing demand from all those who are committed to protecting the environment but still want a traditional roof. Official Website

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