29 Ekim 2010 Cuma

Finger in the nose

Finger in the nose is a great name for the kids’ brand, isn’t it?! Using a “‘Rock & Roll attitude and functionality, the Paris-based company’s authenticity is one that has been successful in many areas. By combining the adult look for jeans and sportswear with the comfort factor for children, this company has successfully found the perfect balance between the two. With children who like wearing the clothing line and parents who appreciate the comfort and versatility, these well-manufactured clothes have built up their own reputation of being able to follow your child around and withstand anything they are put through. With the head office located in Paris, France, there is also the function of overseeing the distribution of this revolutionary clothing line in France. With items that are built upon simple principles and follow the basic needs for any child, parents everywhere will appreciate the value that Finger In The Nose holds in their line of garments for children.

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