13 Ocak 2011 Perşembe

Rio 2016 Olympics Logo designed by Tátil

The logo for the 2016 olympics in rio de janiero, brazil was revealed on new year's eve 2011. Created by fred gelli's rio-based tátil agency who beat out almost 140 other competitors and was selected from eight finalists, the winning design immediately received criticism for its uncanny resemblance to the logo of the not-for-profit telluride foundation in colorado, USA which is an image depicting figures with arms embraced. Gelli has acknowledged some similarities of the design to that of the foundation's, but feels that broad concept of people embracing is not a novel idea stating, 'the brand is radically different because it is tridimensional.' He has also disregarded any claims that the winning logo is similar to that of the painting 'the dance' by henri matisse. http://www.tatil.com.br/

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