15 Şubat 2011 Salı

Nespresso “Pixie”

If you’ve been looking for that extra jolt to help wake you in the mornings, look no further than the latest eye-popping design from Nespresso. In collaboration with Parisian design research and consulting firm 5.5 Designers, the Swiss coffee company is releasing a collection of espresso accessories named “Pixie” by Nespresso. With an aluminum colored side, alloy handles and stainless drip tray, the sleek “Pixie” machines are available in six bold, electric colors including Indigo, Red, Titan, Lime, Aluminum and Steelblue. The collection will be available for purchase starting March 7.

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  1. Cool machine! I loved it!Definitely a-must-have!
    Good overview yet some sort of misleading at the same time :)
    I think we have just titan, blue and red in Nespresso Boutique in Turkey