3 Mayıs 2011 Salı

TGTL - Think Global Taste Local

"TGTL - Think Global Taste Local is a food hunting company that aims to present the best gastronomic produts from each country to the World. They create food experiences, having food specialists constantly looking for outstanding products from small producers, surprising people with new flavours. They do not produce, they look for the best. If it has the TGTL seal, it is good. All the products are carefully tasted by the Michelin Star Winner Nuno Mendes, chef patron in the Viajante restaurant in London, before becoming a TGTL product." "The design of our products is simple, very modern, trendy and elegant. The logotype representes the global (big circle) and the local (small circle). The details are very well done and they are a crucial part of this design experience. All the products come with a gift, that can be a piece of design, a traditional craft or a CD, joining food, art, design and culture together. The design pieces are all from well known manufacturers and product designers.

For example TGTL associates the portuguese red wine with fado, the traditional music from Portugal, and sells it with a CD of Mariza.

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