15 Temmuz 2011 Cuma

Street Sculptures Rain Coat

Maybe it’s just an East Coast thing, but one of the most exciting things about summertime in the city is the random smattering of thunderstorms that drench you in a split second, and then disappear just as quickly as they arrived! (Perhaps that’s where the term ‘city slicker’ comes from?) Well now you can make a splash with Scandinavian fashion designer Maxjenny Forslund’s colorful, geometric raincoats. The collection is called Street Sculptures, named after precisely what they are – walking sculptures in the street.hese slick slickers are made from a breathable, crease-free, light and yet waterproof sports-fabric, miraculously fashioned from recycled plastic bottles and colored with water-based paint. The material of the coat allows you to pack it up tightly into a handbag and extract it at a moment’s notice when the showers hit.

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