3 Eylül 2011 Cumartesi

The Jellyfish Lamp

Jellyfish Lamp is a lamp born of the sea and every time you turn one on, your room will never be the same. A group of jellyfish invade the room creating a dreamlike and surreal atmosphere, completely changing the perception of time and space. None of the lights used in the lamp are identical as each one of them has their own spectrum of colors and intensities. Each lamp is hand crafted from 300-400 meters of ribbon. This project arose from a particular obsession of its creators, british designer Tristan Cochrane and argentinian art director Paula Benvegnú: the endless marathons of “The Blue Planet”, the famous BBC documentary about life in the oceans brings to view a world unreachable to normal humans. When the lamps are switched on in a dark room, the colourful jellyfish appear like ghosts from the blackness, just like they do in the darkness of the ocean. The light from the bulb streams down the yards of ribbons and catches in rich pockets of brightness. These lamps can illuminate a corner, a desk, a restaurant or a hotel, be a reading lamp or an enchanting installation.

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