3 Kasım 2011 Perşembe

The Island by Mathieu Lehanneur

Designer Mathieu Lehanneur's passion for air has led to the creation of a mister that can create a therapeutic marine environment, in the home or office, using ultra pure sea water. Designed for Airmineral, The Island is the first natural marine bio-spray mister allowing the daily assimilation of minerals, for individual or collective applications (hotels, offices, institutes, homes). The patented process allows a mineral environment to be reconstituted in any closed area. The device sprays a ‘mineral serum’ into the ambient air called Quinton, made from ultra pure sea water, a natural pharmaceutical product subject to a specific medical protocol. The Island automatically generates sequences of mineral mists consisting of homogenous micro- particles under 2 microns, which gives a monthly consumption of one litre for a 50 m2 area.

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