24 Kasım 2011 Perşembe

Money Duffle Bag

Although some people might be afraid to tempt thieves or even police officers with this Money Stacks Duffle Bag, only a stupid bank robber would think of using a transparent money bag to carry off their loot in. Instead, this travel bag or gym bag simply sports a daring design that will surely appeal to gangsters around the world. Brought to us by Sprayground, the Money Stacks Duffle Bag is part of the label’s holiday collection. A continuation of the popular Money Stacks backpack, this bag also features realistic graphics of 100 dollar bills. It appears to also be made out of water-resistent polyester fabric, just in case there is actual cash stored within, as well as custom zipper pulleys and emblems. http://www.sprayground.net/

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