8 Aralık 2011 Perşembe

Click here to find out more! Bluetooth Casio G-Shock Syncs with Your Phone

Casio G-Shock‘s new ‘GB-9600‘ was designed to sync via bluetooth with NEC’s ‘Medias PP N-01d’ android smartphone. The smartphone will be available later this week, and will be able to inform users of incoming calls, messages, and e-mails that are displayed on the face of the watch in real time. The ‘N01-d‘ is outfitted with bluetooth 4.0, which is what enables it to synchronize with the g-shock watch. The G-Shock ‘GB-9600‘ features the same shock, water, pressure, and dust -resistant qualities of the series, and will be available in black, white, and red. The suggested retail value is $245. Watch the video.

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