2 Ocak 2012 Pazartesi

Karlssonwilker + Mini blend cars and fashion for dazed magazine

Another day, another adventure is a website, road-trip, and dual magazine feature created through a collaborative effort between new york-based creative agency karlssonwilker, matter magazine, dazed + confused magazine, and mini cars to celebrate the launch of mini's new coupe. A twelve-paged fashion editorial was developed by dazed + confused and mini for dazed's publication as six young london-based fashion designers including jaeyon lee, paul stafford, shaun samson, steven tai, ziyeon kim, explored the idea of a 'new day, new adventure' through textile manipulation. The photographic project, shot by anthony maule and digitally altered by karlssonwilker inc, combined the aesthetics of mini and the fashion designers by digitally enhancing the futuristic clothing through layering 3D CAD images of the new coup with their wearable creations. The finished pieces celebrate the new car design by blending images of the
real and unreal in a futuristic landscape.

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