20 Mart 2012 Salı

KitchenAid IN-SINK Dishwasher

Powerful performance, extremely versatile and a stylish soution for any kitchen Integrated into a double sink This ingenious product was designed to give you dishwashing support whist you are cooking, so that your kitchen is always spotless and ready for more action. 30 minute fast wash program, 20% water saving and 30% energy saving compared to a traditional applia Small loads such as glasses, cutlury, cooking utensils, pots and pans of up to 29cm in diameter can be washed and dried in considerably less time than a normal dishwasher. 5 place settings Washes up to 5 place settings, so ideal for small loads, keeping your kitchen lovely and tidy. Price: £2,349.60

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  1. A stainless steel utility sink is no longer an eyesore. You'll find quite a few designs, widths, and finishes offered to the homeowner.