13 Mayıs 2012 Pazar

Blue Whale Playground by Monstrum

What is better than being swallowed up by a blue whale on a Sunday morning or maybe on a Tuesday afternoon? The whale is the world’s largest mammal, weighing over 120 tons, It occurs in many stories like: Pinocchio and Moby Dick! The whale swims peacefully away in the vast ocean between seaweed and sharks! and a lot of kids! The kids love to challenge there imagination and motor skills. That is the beginning of a good game.
Göteborg municipality invited MONSTRUM to participate in developing an area of the new playground in the Plikta park, Göteborg. MONSTRUM designed in collaboration with the municipality and Tyréns, a blue whale and 6 sharks. The theme was inspired by the History Museum in Gothenburg, which has a popular collection of blue whales. Tyréns is one of the leading consulting firms in Sweden dealing with communication, planning and architecture
Plikta playground included a larger park renewal and involved several playground suppliers.

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