15 Mayıs 2012 Salı

The New York Times Tribute to Maurice Sendak

With the passing of writer and illustrator, Maurice Sendak, still fresh on everyone’s mind, The New York Times pays tribute to the storied author of Where the Wild Things Are through its latest Op-Art feature, “Thanks, Maurice.” Paying homage to Sendak who revolutionized the narrative landscape for numerous illustrators, artists and designers through his unique style, The New York Times tapped a range of artists and cartoonists to pay due respects to Sendak through a visual tribute. The tribute features the works of Marc Rosenthal, Art Spiegelman, Gary Taxali, Tomi Ungerer, Geoff McFetridge, Bob Staake and Jon Klassen.

As a small child, I discovered the possibilities of creativity and empowerment in Mr. Sendak’s books. It was through these ideals that I began drawing my own world of characters, narratives and scenes. This eventually led me to a very happy career as an artist, and subsequently, a kid’s book author and illustrator. My own children’s book, “This Is Silly!” owes a great deal to Max and his beastly friends. Mr. Sendak, I will never forget how you showed me that the wild things are really in our hearts. - GARY TAXALI

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