1 Haziran 2012 Cuma

Jasper Goodall Illustrates The Sleek Feminine

Jasper Goodall is a well known name to some. His illustrations have helped shape the evolution of how the female form is represented and influenced other artists in a major way, all while providing consistent inspiration to fans worldwide. Born in 1973 in Birmingham, England, he is the son of two artists: his mother a fine artist and photographer, and his father an architect. Throughout the years Goodall provided a body of work for the now closed The Face magazine and has done a number of commission based artworks in the UK. Possessing a unique eye for the female of the species, Goodall presents dark, almost oily female forms, in cosmic and mysterious ways. Sexy and beautiful, the illustrations are as eye catching as they are visually stimulating. To see more of Goodall’s work, check out his website at Jasper Goodall

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