12 Temmuz 2012 Perşembe

Edwin - An Electric Squeezer

Edwin is a fully repairable and sustainable fruit squeezer. Some time ago, products that accompanied us were long lasting and reparaible, made of natural and sustainable materials. Nowadays, actual electrodomestics have an expiry date. Several reasons like programmed obsolescence or irreparaible designs make the products easily spoilable, adding that it is almost impossible for it to have a second life or a enter a proper disposal cycle. Edwin was born from the intention of producing everlasting electrodomestics. Edwin is an electric squeezer made of wood and ceramics. Its components are easily replaceable in case that it needs repair. This way, it is the user who can make Edwin to become everlasting. In case Edwin needs to be disposed, its components can be disposed separatedly for their proper disposal. Edwin is made from basic geometric shapes, making it formally neutral and adaptable to any enviroment. The relation between the user and the product is really important, making the user help to make the product’s working life longer.

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