2 Temmuz 2012 Pazartesi

Gelatiera Mini Musso

There are products that cost a lot, for two simple reasons: they are gems of household technology and they last a lifetime. The Mini ice cream maker manufactured by Musso has every right to be considered one of these products. With the Mini, making ice cream at home becomes an archetypal and inimitable experience. It doesn’t take much: a few elementary actions, a simple and phenomenal device, the blade and bowl of the machine made of stainless steel, a cooling system that does not require refrigeration in advance. It has been produced in small numbers since the early sixties at Mortara, in the province of Pavia, and sold all over the world. Invented by Piero Musso, it has seduced ordinary and not-so-ordinary people (among them, Giovanni Agnelli, Giulio Andreotti, Bill Clinton). It has been called the Cadillac of ice cream makers, but it’s much better than a Cadillac. It has an essential, supernatural and timeless design that must be to Jasper Morrison’s liking. It’s a masterpiece.

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