13 Aralık 2013 Cuma

Makeup Artist Tal Peleg Creates Miniature Works of Art Using Eye Makeup

With an abundance of makeup art tutorials on YouTube anyone with an interest can learn how to glam it up, but it takes more than just the perfect blending brush to accomplish this level of make-up art. Israeli Tal Peleg, who also goes by the name Scarlet Moon, takes the term “makeup artist” to the next level as she transforms the eyelid into a miniature canvas for her creative paintings. From a bundle of sushi resting atop a thick lined blue eye to a curved eyelid that is the perfect wave for a family of ducks to ride, to Breaking Bad’s Heisenberg on the lid with eyelashes for a mustache and a hat among the brow, Peleg utilizes the eye’s natural shape and features to complete each work.

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