25 Ocak 2014 Cumartesi

Pet Rats Photographed with Miniature Teddy Bears

For anyone who’s ever owned a pet rat, they’ll know these furry little guys are seriously smart and have loads of personality… but these endearing photographs take that to a whole new level. For the last few years, Jessica Florence and Ellen van Deelen, two independent photographers, have been celebrating the fun relationship they have with the tiny rodents by taking photographs of them hugging miniature teddy bears. Yes, rats hugging teddy bears. It’s as cute as it sounds. The amount of personality each of these photographs evoke is pretty astounding. You really get the impression that these tiny guys are blissfully happy as they hug their little bears, often wrapped up in an equally tiny blanket. For anyone who enjoys a long cozy afternoon nap, this really looks like heaven. Be sure to check out many more images from Jessica and Ellen, and their respective books on the series’.

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