31 Mayıs 2014 Cumartesi

MINI Paceman Adventure

While it might seem like a contradiction in terms, the MINI Paceman Adventure packs the power and versatility of a utility vehicle into the characteristically compact frame that MINI are known for. Before you get yourselves into a state of frantic anticipation, MINI fans, we’re sorry to have to tell you that Project Colorado (the codename for bringing the MINI ute to life) only had the aim of producing a concept car. According to MINI spokespersons, there are currently no plans to advance the project towards a production stage. Currently all we can do is gaze longingly at the small, tough and scrappy ute offspring but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Paceman Adventure will remain a concept car forever. MINI have dared to cross into uncharted waters before when they have been armed with a design concept that they believe is capable of making sufficient impact on the pre-existing market. If the Paceman Adventure piques the interest of enough MINI fans and potential first-time buyers then the jump from concept to production may prove to be a short one.

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