9 Şubat 2015 Pazartesi

Float Water Relaxation Cap And Support

Not everyone learned how to swim when they were little. There’s nothing shameful or wrong about that, but it can be annoying as an adult to be scared of not being able to keep your head above water. While you don’t want to don the inflatable floaties, there may be a way to keep your dignity, and not drown. The Floating Cap is a combination of Neoprene, polyurethane foam, and Lycra that is intended to make sure your head stays above the water’s surface. While this is actually meant for those who enjoy going to a hot spring in Iceland, it doesn’t mean that’s the only place you can use it. This would be perfect for floating along in a swimming pool or hot tub at home or in your local area. Thanks to their material make-up, they will look more like water weights and a swim cap rather than floaties. Another plus side to this is the noise-cancelling quality they would have. You could go to a public pool, and not be as annoyed by the myriad of screaming children around you. Doesn’t mean they won’t crash into you or splash you on occasion, but it’s a small step. The medium cap in either black or blue will cost you around $110. This is a pretty hefty price for just a swim cap, but is small in comparison to drowning because of pride. Those who want the leg or arm bands will have to chuck an extra $65 at the checkout price. http://floatis.bigcartel.com/

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