8 Şubat 2015 Pazar

Gorgeous portraits of owls by Brad Wilson

The National Audobon Society's magazine has a gorgeous feature on photographer Brad Wilson's incredible portraits of owls of all kinds. Rather than going out into nature to make wildlife photography, Brad brings his subjects into the studio to create these unique animal portraits. The end result, completely devoid of distractions, allows the eye to focus entirely on the animal, its peculiarities and mannerisms. There is a world represented in the powerful animal images of Affinity that we, as humans, rarely inhabit - a world of instinct, intuition, and present moment awareness - a fully natural world, distinct from the increasingly digital, computerised landscape that surrounds us. Brad pulls us into this world with large, exquisitely detailed photographs, offering up a compelling feeling of intimacy and proximity to the animals that is seldom experienced. Brad uses Hasselblad medium format cameras and a Phase One P65+ high-resolution digital camera back for the best image quality currently available. http://www.bradwilson.com/

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