15 Temmuz 2015 Çarşamba

The Copper Studio

Clad in copper (which sounds like a lot of polishing would be necessary except it’s probably coated to keep its new-penny shine) it’s touring the country making stops in major cities to introduce the brand.  Warby Parker did something like this a few years back and it’s become a fun way to literally “roll out” a brand.  The interior is sleek and sophisticated, and is stocked with a nominal amount of product.  To date, the stops have included very scenic locals across the US including Coachella, where there was a Kit + Ace party; Tucson, AZ; Moab & Zion; and Denver.  Oddly enough, we never seem to get a glimpse of what’s actually pulling the Copper Studio throughout all the pics online.  Maybe it’s like Santa’s sleigh is being guided across by *magical* reindeer.  The tour started around April 20th and will continue for the rest of the Summer. The Copper Studio will be making stops in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and the Hamptons during the month of July – you can rest assured I’ll catch up with it this month and check it out.  Kit + Ace is the retail project of outspoken Lululemon founder Chip Wilson (yes that one) and family, and offers “Technical Cashmere” t-shirts and casual wear. http://www.kitandace.com/thegrandtour/

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