12 Kasım 2017 Pazar

Animal Dolls

Whether you’re a pro stitcher or a beginner, these adorable DIY embroidered doll kits are suitable for all skill levels. Toronto-based printmaking graduate Michelle Galletta first started embroidering when she decided to make her niece a set of three hand-made owl dolls to play with. Not being able to find an embroidery kit she was happy with, she decided to made her own. “As I was making Madeleine’s owls, I became fascinated with embroidery: the vibrant colors, the countless variety of stitches, the calming effect it had on me,” says Galletta. After several years of developing her embroidery skills and design work, Galletta launched Kiriki Press—a shop offering animal-inspired hand-embroidery doll patterns—“in the hopes of giving others the chance to make something precious with their own hands.”

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